creativity lost & found

Hi loves,

A quick post today, after what seems like forever of not blogging. I’ve admittedly been in a bit of a creative rut lately, triggered by work and life and excuses. But it seems that every creative rut I find myself in is always accompanied by longing and quite honestly, a lot of inner sadness. That ends today.

This past weekend, while traveling to the Adirondacks, Christian and I took a brief detour to Sugar Loaf, NY. We stopped in a candle shop that was featured in one of my first blog posts, just over a year ago. This time, we had the privilege of meeting the candlemaker, Peter, and observing him practice his craft. A fairly brief encounter, no longer than an hour or two spent watching and learning from him, but it left me buzzing on a creative high. Witnessing the beauty, pride, and personal joy this man had in working with his hands was invigorating. He revitalized me, and something clicked. It reminded me that no matter what else is going on in life, taking the time to invest in learning, creating, and experiencing is essential to our happiness. So embrace it, explore it, and share it, friends. It’s undeniably the most earnest thing we have.

Photos of the Sugar Loaf Candle Shop and our new friend, Peter, were all taken by my talented husband, Christian.





P.S. Check out Peter’s shop. All of his candles are handmade with love, and he ships them all over the world. Or better yet, go visit him. He has so much life to give.

And that, friends, is all I’ve got for you today.



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